“An educated consumer is our best customer”
- Sy Syms (1926-2009)

We conduct Introductory, Basic, and Advanced Seminars on the benefits of Structural Alpha for asset managers, insurers, reinsurers, banks and their investors, as well as current and prospective Executive Resources and Service Providers. Since the numbers of reinsurance startups dwarf the numbers of acquisitions and startup insurers and banks, the Seminars focus on asset manager backed reinsurers.

Introductory Seminars, which take 1 to 1½ hours at the end of a business day, are for anyone who is merely curious about the subject and will be offered frequently and randomly in conjunction with law firms, accounting firms, and prime brokers that have significant asset management and hedge fund practices and act as hosts. Attendance at Introductory Seminars is at the invitation of the hosts only.

While, these Introductory Seminars will provide valuable information for the hosts’ clients, they should also generate significant additional revenues for each host over and above its current activities with each asset manager who attends and ultimately acquires or launches a financial institution. In 2013, two major law firms hosted Introductory Seminars in New York and roughly two hundred people attended them.

The Basic Seminars take a full day and are offered every month except August in London and New York to people who are willing to invest a day to learn about the mechanics and costs of launching a standalone startup similar to Greenlight Capital Re or Third Point Re and/or joining the Multi-Strat Re platform. The next Basic Seminar in London will take place at the Churchill Hyatt on Portman Square on June 13th. The next Basic Seminar in New York will take place at the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central Station on June 20th. Agendas and schedules for future dates in each city are available on request.

The Advanced Seminars take two full days and are only offered in Bermuda every month except August. These Seminars are designed for asset managers who are serious about launching a reinsurer and want to drill down on Multi-Strat Re with examples of underwriting processes and risk management on real submissions and pieces of business that have been bound.

Value investors and investors, funds of funds, and family offices that allocate to alternative investments as well as current and prospective Executive Resources and Service Providers also attend. In addition to the classwork, attendees will also meet with regulators, Service Providers, and prospective CEOs, CFOs, and board members who support Participating Reinsurers. The next Advanced Seminar will be June 9th and 10th in Bermuda and the Agenda and schedule for future dates are available on request.

Attendance at the Basic and Advanced Seminars is by invitation only. Space is limited so invitations to approved applicants will be on a first come, first served basis. In the event of a wait list, priority will be given to asset managers and their advisors, investors, persons who are part of our Executive Resources program, Service Providers on our “Recommended List”, and prospective Service Providers in that order.

Law firms, accounting firms, and prime brokers interested in hosting Introductory Seminars and persons who wish to attend the Basic Seminar in New York and/or the Advanced Seminar in Bermuda should contact Joey Taussig Those who wish to attend the Basic Seminar in London should contact Christina Storey